Private Parties


Here is a sample of the menu we can offer your group of 5 - 30 +

The ploughman’s platter buffet

Potato bread platter

Protein platter: choose 2 of the following: Magners Poached Salmon; Rebel’s Roasted chix thighs; Pulled Pork; Mixed cheeses; Square sausage; Corned Beef; Curried Tofu. If you want 3, you can, but most people are happy with 2. The prices vary according to your picks and how many you pick.

Veggie Platter: choose 1 of the following: Mixed raw veggie platter; Caesar Salad; Spinach Salad. Again the prices vary according to your picks, and if you pick more than 1.


All the necessary condies.

Our buffet ranges from $20-$26 per person. Small children are charged different.

We do not charge for the use of the pub. You are responsible for the bar, whether your guest pay their own way or what ever is up to you. And you play the barkeep her wage an gratuity. Basically the staff do the night for $60. Music and entertainment….you can use our music, we can get you a band that you pay for, or since it is a private function, you can bring your own ipod.

50% paid up front, the balance upon arrival. Staff to be paid upon arrival as well. Fill in the following form and we will get back to you,