Happy New Year's 2019 to everyone. We are back safe and sound. As some noticed, we had a few hick ups occur to get back open with full force....Thursday closing for a spell to get a cabbage, food waist bags, and celery salt, that was completely overlooked on Wednesday's recovery; Friday staff thinking we were still away and closed; and Saturday everyone else thinking we were still closed; but Sunday's jam hosted by Nick ROCKED and I think everyone now knows.... WE ARE BACK.

There are a lot of things happening this month in the pub. One of which we are very proud to host the release of a new novel by Irish writer, Peter Fleming, named An Irish Tale, and other stories. On Saturday the 26th January at 1pm, Mr. Fleming shall be at the pub to release the book, do readings, signing, and launching. The novel is uplifting, humorous, honest, sad, and full of jocularity. It shall be an awesome afternoon.

January & February, and Stella...hand in hand...Buy a Pint of Stella and scratch to win a Stella 12oz goblet...even if you do not win, you enter to win a His & Hers Stella Branded Bar Silver and One Red. This shall continue until Valentine's Day...add $3 to the mix and get an amazing Cheese platter from The Cheese Boutique in Toronto. It has been very well received...Stella and Cheese...get a pint of Stella and get a Cheese platter...we are quickly running out of their cheese. We may continue it, where we get our own cheese from around the world...and make it a new menu item...$5 The Madi Platter.

New hours: We shall be opened Wednesday to Sunday, 12noon until 11pm, with the exception of Saturdays. On Saturdays, when/if we have a band we shall stay opened until the bands/staff decide...probably @ 12 midnight to 1am. Full menu is available from 12 noon every day, until 7:45pm. At that time the kitchen shall go to Late night menu to follow. We are joining, Skip The Dishes, 12 noon to 7 pm. Once this is in place we shall be doing take away orders except by them.

Every Wed. @7pm we host the Artist's Show and Sale Night. Local artists put their wares on display to admire and sell...If you are an artist...bring some of your work in and put it on it...sell...have fun. We ask no commission. This is a sociable that we believe shall grow. On Wed. if you want, we turn the entire pub into an art gallery...


4pm...The Sunday Jam. Created by Br. Tom @ 12 years ago. Tom simply cannot do it anymore. For the next week or two we have rotating hosts. We thank Will, Nathan and Paul dearly. Monika is way to busy for we are going to change things up very soon and have a permanent host. Feedback has let us know that that is what you all want.


The pub is closed, but opened to private functions. Call the pub for further info. call at 905-777-1771.


The Tacos...available all the time permanent ...Irish Whiskey Pulled Pork Tacos and Beer Battered Fish Tacos(Lemon Tartar or Creole Tartar)


Magic Meatloaf.


Permanent...Beer Battered Fish Tacos...Lemon Tartar or Creole Tartar...Brilliant.


Tomi Swick shall be starting off 2019's music line up on Friday the 18th of January at 9pm.


Tomi Swick shall be starting off 2019's music line up on Friday the 18th of January at 9pm.

Slan agat.