PLEASE CALL 905-777-1771 before 7pm


Slainte everyone. Thank you all for the Mother's Day wishes, we send them out to you as well. Also thank you for another week of great support on the curbside orders. We are open for curbside delivery 12 noon to 7pm, Wednesday to and including Sunday; 905-777-1771. Feel free to call earlier in the day for your order.

It is with a bitter sweet heart that we are announcing that we have been sold. The entire 537 King Street East property. The pub shall remain as open as the public health will allow us, until the 30 of July. We shall be staying in the region. We have been planning this for a couple years now, it was in no way, shape or form, due to Covid.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank everyone for 20 years of support. The pub has enjoyed the company of many legends, many events, life altering and otherwise. We have experience extreme joy, sorrow, life, and death. We have observed brilliant talent on and around our stage from local artists, and artists abroad. And 20 years of enjoying the dancers from the Graham School of Irish Dance. The kitchen has hopped every night to bring you joy, watching your joy has been extremely rewarding. We thank you for that. The pleasure of serving you has been such a gas. We shall miss the love, the conversations, the surprises, and the camaraderie. Depending on Public Health we would love to have some kind of closing Bash...this remains to be seen. In August or September we shall be having a contents sale of the entire property...dates to be posted. Thank you

As for the here and know let's keep on curb siding the menu for food and beverages. Wed. - Sun. 12 noon is when the phone line opens.

Again, thank you all, slan agat.