Happy Monday to everyone. What a lovely cozy weekend in the pub...all the dark cold outside and warm spirits inside. Sad to see the Cat's are out off it...but good to see the Sunday Jam turn into a rotational host Jam...Monica, Will, Nick, and Nathan. These brilliant and talented hosts shall be on a 4 week rotation. Brother Tom shall always grace us with his presence when the pain levels allow him.

Sadly Tuesdays are going to shut down. Thank you to the very few that do come out on Tuesdays, but it is no longer feasible to remain open. The pub is going in a slight- slight- slight different direction. We shall be opened Wednesday to Sunday, 12noon until 11pm, with the exception of Saturdays. On Saturdays, when we have a band we shall stay opened until the bands/staff decide...probably @ 12 midnight to 1am. Full menu is available from 12 noon every day, until 8pm. At 8pm the kitchen shall go to Late night menu until 11pm...except on Saturdays when bands are shall be extended to midnight. So if you desire the full menu...for in-house, or take away, last call is 7:50 pm.

This week was a transitional week in the the winter once November comes along we drop the weekly special ( which right now is the Magic Meat Loaf, since both Tacos are permanent on the menu)...we start our Stew Fest...excited......Irish Chili is the first...and traditionally has been the is made with Guinness, Jamesons Irish Whiskey, & Red Wine, Beef & Pork, Steak & Sausage. And comes mild, medium, or hot!!!! The next ...we think we shall traverse meat to poultry to fish and then back to meat. Bouillabaisse; Mulligatawny; Irish Porter Beef Stew; Paddy's Pork Stew; Jambalaya; Sligo Seafood Stew; Dublin Coddle, Meatballs and pasta, and Magic Meatloaf and sooooo many more to mention.

Coming soon...Probably next week...Stella and Cheese......get a pint of Stella and get a Cheese plater...Gruyere, Julius. Cheddar. Goat cheese. And Bleu... all for $10.25

Do you need firewood this winter? Vlad Lakick has maple firewood available for the taking, cut 11 of October. 416-688-6465 or

Every Wed. @8pm we host the Artist's & Music Jam. Local artists put their wares on display to admire and sell...While jamming away...Monica is bringing in a new collection of ornaments; Nancy is bring in her Paintings; Ann is bringing in photography( cuz...hopefully)...and more.

Every Thursday at @8pm is The Irish Jam led by Peter and Paul, all Celtic musicians welcome. Last week due to the snow storm this did not go to fruition.


3pm is Rebel's Jam...Br. Tom when able shall grace us with his presence...there shall be a 4 week rotation, in this order...Monica, then Will, then Nick, then Nathan.


The pub is closed, but opened to private functions. We are filling up for the rest of the year. December is starting to be booked for Christmas parties. Call the pub for further info. call at 905-777-1771.


$5 pints on tap Rebel's Lager and THB. BOGO 1/2 priced wings. The 20th of November is the last day opened to the public.


The Tacos...available all the time permanent ...Irish Whiskey Pulled Pork Tacos and Beer Battered Fish Tacos(Lemon Tartar or Creole Tartar)


This the last week then Stew fest...Magic Meatloaf.


Permanent...Beer Battered Fish Tacos...Lemon Tartar or Creole Tartar...Brilliant.


Saturday November 24th

8pm - TBA


Slan agat.