HARRISON KENNEDY - Customer Appreciation / Christmas Party

The Kitchen shall close @ 7:30pm and a complimentary buffet shall go out for @ 8:45pm...to feast up when Harrison takes a break...so all can have a bite, Harrison can break bread with you, and if you are able to bring a non perishable food item to put in a Xmasbox for Mission Services it would be appreciated. The Xmasbox shall be out Friday. Saturday, and Sunday. We shall deliver it to Mission Services on Monday.



FAMOUS FRAMUS - New Year's Eve Mask-er-AID Party. Pass the hat for the Boys and Girls of Notre Dame House and we ask you to bring a nonperishable food item for Mission Services to Aid the situation.

Monday 31st December, we are not usually open...the girls want to celebrate with you...we shall open at 6pm, Famous Framous and Betty Bomb shall hit the stage @ and this is @ 8pm...they are going to honour in the new year with you...our traditional Mask-er-aid party...wear a mask...and Mike shall pass the hat to aid Notre Dame House For the Boys and Girls.