PLEASE CALL 905-777-1771 before 7pm


Slainte Rebellers. The past week we had a couple of almost rain outs. When the weather is such the patio shall not be open. We are NOT DOING INDOOR DINING as we are tearing down inside for our upcoming closure. This is not a covid thing, it is a sold thing. The contents of the pub have all but been sold. When Sara and Vince finish taking what they bought you can come through and see if there is anything you want to buy.

The biggest thing still not sold is the ductless air conditioner and heater worth 7000 grand. It is a 2 unit system that can accommodate 4 units; only 4 years old; not used in the last 2 years due to covid; never used for heating, asking 3500 only. You can remove it yourself or have Kevin from Four Seasons Heating and Cooling to remove and install.

We are only doing patio service 12 noon to 7pm. Reservation only. 905-777-1771. We will not accept reservation through email and messenger as we do not monitor those apps., only phone calls. Example someone this week emailed a reservation and showed up and we were full up. Never got the email.

In the kitchen we are on depletion mode. Some things may sell out. However we find ourselves doing pulled pork today, our day off. But that is it.

We are planning a big BYOB bash in the backyard. Also bring your instruments. Bring your own chair. We shall supply port-a-poddy and snacks. All photographers invited as Wayne Bowdish is doing a massive in front of the pub photo, and these shall be in the book. We are looking at Saturday 21 August.

That is it, loads of Love, slan agat