Slainte everyone. Summer is in full swing. hurray...all the wonderful outdoor festivals are is sooooo nice to serve you folks before and after these events.

Welcome back Danie from your leave of absence. Your first official day back with us is this Saturday the 20th of July. Dave Pomphret shall be playing that night . Thank you so very much for all the help and support from all the Stephanie's...we shall continue seeing them as back up.

Labatt 50 Promo

For June, 50 pint were only $6 for you, and we did donate the balance, $1.70, to Mental Health Awareness. Thank you all , you raised $106.00 for Mental Health Awareness. Danie shall be taking those funds to Upper First and Fennell.

Belgium Moon

We have a Wheat Beer on tap now...Belgium is a citrusy white Ale...Import Pint with a promo of winning a BBQ Smoker for every purchase. When the keg blows we shall do the raffle.

Every Wednesday at about 7pm is The Artist Show and Jam. All artists and musicians are welcome.

On Thursdays Ann Gorman McKinney Hosts an Irish Session, all Irish musicians are welcome, all of the public are welcome to enjoy. Thursdays at @ 7pm to 10pm calling it Thirsty Thursdays Irish Session...all Irish musicians are welcome to join them on stage...around the tables...on the patio too.

Paul's Sunday Jam, all musicians welcome...we have a snare drum, bass guitar, and electric guitar if you need, and always...the stand up grand piano.

Saturdays...Live Music...never a cover, just a pass the hat, 8pm to 10pmish, if interest just call the pub, use our PA system and play your hearts out...booked dates are...


The pub is closed, but opened to private functions. Call the pub for further info. call at 905-777-1771.

In the Kitchen

Full Menu 12 noon to 8pm / 7pm on Sundays

Late Night Menu

8pm to 10:30pm, Kitchen closed at 10:30pm


$6 pint when you order Nachos......all pints, Domestic, Premium, and Import...12noon to 8pm


Spaghetti and Sicilian Meatball Day on hold for the summer...all "heavy specials" are on hold.


Permanent...Beer Battered Fish Tacos...Lemon Tartar or Creole Tartar...Brilliant.


From 12 noon until 4pm we serve up The Breakfast Mess: Chips, covered in the five cheeses, topped with 2 sunnyside up errs, and then drizzled with Temilis sauce.


We shall bring the Salap back for the summer...Salads and a Wrap...we shall start this week with the ever so popular Chicken Curry Salap.

Gluten Free

The Menu now is entirely Gluten Free and has been for a month now. We even have a gluten free beer available Glutenberg Lager from Germany.

Closing Time

The doors at the Rock open at 12 noon, the kitchen is closed at 10:30pm, last pour is at 10:45pm and the gate is closed; locked up at 11pm. On the rare occasion that we have a special event, like last weeks bachelor party...we shall give that time. Thank you all.


Saturday July 20th - Dave Pomfret

Saturday July 27th - Elvis... Kirk Francois

Saturday August 10th - Famous Framus and Betty Bomb

Slan Agat