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Ann, the host of our Traditional Irish Session on Thursday Nights, is selling Amaryllis bulb Kits this year in support of the HD Society. They are $15 each. All proceeds go towards research and helping families like Ann's, that are affected by this awful disease through seminars, programs and support groups. She is aiming to sell 5 cases this year! We would appreciate your support - so if you are interested let me know. They make great gifts and are a premium orange bulb so bring vibrant colour in these winter months. Ann Will have kits in the car next few Thursdays, but if you call the pub 905-777-1771ahead of time, I can give Ann the heads up. We are buying some, they are brilliant.

Planning your Christmas or New Years Party but don't have the room? For family or your office? a Birthday? Have Rebel's be your spot. Mondays and Tuesdays the pub is yours. Call us at 905-777-1771 or email at We DO NOT CHARGE A RENTAL FEE! Just pick your buffet items, or take the Late Night menu for your food, your drinks, and the staff. Simple. Want a for that...want just our play not pay for that. Private parties are great.

Rebel's Rock Weekly Specials

First Week of the Month

Rebel Burger Week. Comes 4 different ways, one is Traditional on a Bun. The other 3 are bunless and completely gluten free. Kevin is topped with Nippy Cheeses and Sauteed Onions. Geoff is topped with Curry and Sauteed Onion. And Madisson is topped with Beef/Lamb Gravy and Sauteed Onions. These burgers are beef and pork, Gluten free, and weigh in at 400grams.The burgers come with your choice of side.

Second Week of the Month

Soup Week...every week we serve up hot and hardy soups in 2 different portions small and large.

Third Week of the Month

Corned Beef Cabbage and Spuds...the dish you can have with 1 or 2 slabs of our slowly braised Corned Beef. Comes with TeMilis (Whiskey Sauce) or Hot Seeded Dijon Mustard.

Third Week of the Month

Soup Week...every week we serve up hot and hardy soups in 2 different portions small and large.

Fourth Week of the Month

Stew Week...not literally...we put out Pastas, single pot stews, Meatloaf, Liver & onions...the list is endless.


Closed for Private Parties. Book your Birthday, Christmas, New Years, Anniversary, the list is endless. We do not charge rent. You simply pay for the service. Call 905-1771.


1/2 ppriced Barone Red & White Wine bottles. 7-10 pm Pat King and Friends acoustic Jam, all welcome. Art Show & Sale also 7-10pm...local artists and crafters are welcome to bring their wares to the pub and display them for show & sale...all while Pat King's Jam goes commission at all, free of charge.


A Buck off the 5 Irish Sisters' ... Harp, Kilkenny, Smithwicks, Hop House 13, and Guinness Pints. 7-10pm Live Traditional Irish Session, all welcome.


End the week off with Beer Batter Fish & Chips or Blackened Fish & Poundie for the Catholics, or have the Braised Lamb Shanks if not...We pay the HST on both of these menu items on Fridays. All Day long $6 Rebel Pints, tax included.


2 noon to 4pm, Rebel's Breakfast Mess...been around for @ 3 years, yet seems to be a secret...Chips (or Poundie), covered in the 5 cheeses and Streaky Bacon chunks, topped with 2 Sunnyside up eggs, then drizzled with TeMilis Sauce (Whiskey). From 8-10pm the stage is open to any musician who wants to pass the hat. Book ahead of time so you get the stage and the PA system to yourself. This is not an open mic.


12 noon to 4pm, Rebel's Breakfast Mess, again. 4-8pm is Paul's Open Mic, all welcome. We pay the HST on all Alcoholic Bevies. Musicians sign up for stage time, 3 songs. Anyone in the house that wishes to jam with them ...may. There is also a sign up for patrons to make requests of the musicians.


More Listings Coming Soon

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