Slainte everyone. Happy Monday. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We are terribly sorry that The View Magazine failed to list Paul's Award Winning Open Mic for this past week. Thankfully Pat King did his due diligence and passed the word around we were still on. FYI to all...All Jams/Open Mic/Session will never be cancelled unless to extreme inclement weather. So Pat King's Wednesday Night Jam, Thirsty Thursday Irish Session, and Paul's Sunday Open Mic shall always be on. Thank you to these three open type jams, won best open stage in the view, silver award.

This Saturday, the 19th October 8pm, we have the fantastic Famous Framus & the Brilliant Betty Bomb hit the stage in a Pass the Hat Performance. Mike and Jen pay that forward to Notre Dame House for the kids of Hamilton. Any musician within our genera can book with us tom perform Saturdays 8 to 10 pm, pass the hat, practice in front of an audience, bring your friends...Saturday is musicians night. We supply the stage and the P.A. system. Call us to book or email us...905-777-1771. Again, this Saturday is the amazing Famous Framus & Betty Bomb 219th October 8pm.

The first week of the month, as you all know is the Rebels Burger week. The second week of the month is now Corned Beef & cabbage week...also we shall do Bubble and squeak. Third Week of the Month is Soup Week...This week shall be a Sligo Seafood Chowder.....Last week of the month?.....Stew Week

Halloween is fast approaching...Celtic New Year's...Thursday 31 October...It is a costume party...and the Irish Tradition Session playing. Prizes for costumes judged by the Session players.

Always closed Monday and Tuesday...opened to your private to reserve and plan a menu 905-777-1771...great for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or New Year's celebrations.


The pub is closed, but opened to private functions. Call the pub for further info. call at 905-777-1771.


Artist Sale and Show 7-10pm...Pat King and Friends Acoustic Jam...players and audience welcome, WINEY WENDESDAYS 1/2 bottles of Barone red and white wine.


Thirsty Thursday...7 to 10 pm, $1 off the 5 Sisters and The Traditional Irish Session ...players and audience welcome.


Fish Day / Lamb Day


Saturday is pass the hat day for to book the stage or email at And $6 Rebel's Pint day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Paul's Open Mic day 4-8pm...and we pay the HST on all alcohol bevies. That is 13% off allllll alcoholic beverages.

Lastly, Thank you all, Readers' choice awards...Gold for Best Pub and Silver for Best Open Stage...thank you for open stage award to Pat King, Ann Gorman/McKinney, and Paul Yedema. AND just Read...Best Pie (Shepherds Pie) Silver. Thank you all.


More Listings Coming Soon

Slan Agat