Slainte everyone. Hope all are having a good Tuesday. The Sun is shining, the birds are chirping...lovely. Cheryl sends you all warm wishes from Dublin...she shall be visiting us soon.

On Thursdays the Wild Irish Colonials shall be returning...all Irish musicians are welcome to join them on stage...8pm to 10pm. The brothers' Peter and Paul shall warm your hearts.

On the 1st of May, Bruce Merritt passed away. Here at the pub we shall be doing a celebration of life for Bruce and his Hamilton family and friends, at their request, on Sunday the 26th of May...Bruce never missed the Sunday Jam...He never missed Saturday night bands' either. All and everyone are welcome to attend. With respect to Bruce's cat, KC...she was recovered and shall be living with Bruce's brother. Brownie...Bruce's dog is with Bruce's wife Connie. Connie thanks everyone for their well wishes and blessings. She and Brownie shall be at the celebration of life. The celebration shall begin @ 3-4pm.


We have listened, there are many of you contacting us that you still want to play here, and pass the hat for your pay. So there shall never be a cover. After this Rock Report, I shall start booking you. If you play Celtic/Folk/ Classic Rock/ Blues/ are more than welcome to sign up to play, Saturdays, 8pm to 11pm. us.


4pm-8pm...ish Thank you Paul for taking over the do an awesome job.


The pub is closed, but opened to private functions. Call the pub for further info. call at 905-777-1771.


$6 pint when you order Nachos......all pints, Domestic, Premium, and Import...12noon to 8pm

7pm, Artists Jam shall continue......


Yes...we have added Garlic Bread to the dish... Spaghetti and Sicilian Meatball house returning are the brothers Peter and Paul...the Wild Irish Colonials shall hit the stage at 8pm...all Irish musicians are welcome to join in.


Permanent...Beer Battered Fish Tacos...Lemon Tartar or Creole Tartar...Brilliant.

And remember Full Menu from 12noon till 8:00pm is last call, late night to follow until 10:30pm...the gate closes at 10:45pm, we lock up at 11pm.


absolutely no cover ever...we have had several band, musicians approach us and asked...”if we passed the hat...we managed our own method of payment, like they do in Toronto...would you let us play ?” Of course the answer is yes. So if you wish to play on Saturday nights, under these circumstances...let us know.
And remember Full Menu from 12noon till 8:30pm, late night to follow until 10:30pm...we close at 11pm.

Saturday 8 June, 8pm, Elvis is coming...No Cover


Slan Agat