This week is business as usual. However we want to give a heads up that next week we shall be on slow down hours and menu, as the family is taking some time off. So Tuesday the 1st August to Sunday the 6th of July the pubs' doors shall open at @4pm. We shall be on a modified menu run by the staff. We are aroundish, if there are any emergencies, just call us. On Tuesday the 8th August we shall probably NOT open so as to get settled. Hopefully this shall accommodate everyone happily. So there shall not be a Rebel Burger week; there shall not be a Steak Day; and there shall not be a Magic Meatloaf Day. It is Master Liam's Birthday week, turning 14yrs. and we are focusing on him. Thank you.

Now let us talk entertainment...we have oodles coming up.

New to Wednesday Nights...Andre's Ambassadors of Rock & Roll. Hits the stage at about 8pm. A very lively show to get over hump day. Only a small $2 cover. Also Wednesday is STEAK DAY.

Wednesday July 26th, August 2nd/ 9th/ 23rd/ 30th - 8pm Andre's Ambassadors of Rock & Roll $2 Cover

Saturday July 29th, 9pm Simply Saucer is simply marvellous...$5 Cover

Tuesday 1st August 7pm Eclectic Duo shall get your Irish/East Coast Canada going...again with only a $2 Cover.

Friday August 4th, 9pm, North Atlantic Drifty shall get your Irish East Coast tapping. $5 Cover

No Band scheduled for Saturday the August 5th Master Liam's 14th Birthday...happy birthday Bear !!!!

Saturday August 12th, 9pm, the new and improved Marcus Star Band, $5 cover.

Saturday August 19th. 9pm Famous Framus shall be rocking and bluesing our stage once a month, $5 cover

Saturday August 26th. 9pm, The entire Eclectic Revival Band close the summer out. $5 cover

EVERY SUNDAY IS BROTHER TOMS JAM SESSION...he is brilliant...and all you musicians that come out are brilliant. 3pm to 8pm. We have "The Rod Wall" in the pub, musician and artist Rod Paget hangs his artwork in the pub. Anyone interested in buying his work...speak to him. If you wish to commission him to do a painting...speak to him. He is currently working on another piece...cannot wait. The current master piece is priced at only $400.00

Now let us talk food

Every Wednesday is Steak Day. We are serving up Pan Seared Boneless Rib Eye Steak, Medium, Rare, or Blue; comes with choice of side, and choice of TeMils, Horseradish, or Brown Horse (the 2 mixed together), every Wednesday from 12 noon to 8:45pm.

NEW: Every Thursday is Magic Meatloaf Day. Our famous Meatloaf, served with our creamy Poundie (Irish Mash Potato), Beer Battered Onion Rings, and our Beef Gravy...If you desire a Gluten free option, the loaf itself is Gluten have it with Curry or Nippy Cheese instead of Beef Gravy...12noon to 8:45pm.

THE SALAP IS BACK THIS WEEK...BY POPULAR DEMAND...what is a Salap? Salad and a wrap (2 actually) can wrap the salad or scoop the salad...just enjoy...this week is a Coconut Curry Chicken Salad with 2 wraps

The first week of the month is BURGER WEEK. 4 different ways. Traditional is on a thin bun with 5 cheeses grilled upon said bun; The Geoff Burger is bunless, with Curry and Sauteed Onions over top and is Gluten Free; The Kevin Style is bunless, Nippy cheese and sauteed over top and is also Gluten Free; and The Maddison is bunless with Beef gravy and sauteed over top and is NOT gluten free. This week the burgers shall be out on Wednesday as Tuesdays are staff Menu and does not include specials.

See everyone this week! Slan Agat.