Happy Monday to all of you. What a lovely weekend of music and food. For the we have had a lot of inquiries....we are open at 12noon every single day Except Tuesdays. On Tuesdays we open at 4pm. Mondays we are closed for paperwork and catch up. Plus we never ever shall close before 12 midnight. The doors will not lock until midnight...unless we have people inside...we promise we never ever shall kick out a group of people enjoying their pints.

NEW entertainment wise.....Every Thursday 8pm we have an Irish band playing with no cover charge, "The Wild Irish Colonials"....they play the Corktown Jam on Tuesdays, and played us during the day on St. Patty's Day.

Sooooo artisans....your day to use the pub as your free show case is now Wednesdays anytime in the evening. We ask no commission, nothing.....just show your art and sell and get known.

Tuesdays...$5 pints on tap Rebel's Lager and THB. BOGO 1/2 priced wings.

Wednesday...they were a hit. We sold out by 6:45pm, Irish Whiskey Pulled Pork Tacos.....they come Roasted Garlic Slaw or Chipotle Garlic Slaw.

Thursdays...always Magic Meatloaf.

Friday....always Magners and Maple Poached Salmon

Fish & comes gluten free...must request...its Damn Good

Wed. 16th May, Artisan for the night shall be The Maddcraft Company.


Every Thursday 8pm, The Wild Irish Colonials

Saturday 19th May

8pm-11pm Steve Sinnicks

Saturday 26th May

8pm-11pm Michael DeQuevedo

Saturday 2nd June

8pm-11pm Astrid Young

Saturday 9th June

8pm-11pm Nick Supapol

Saturday 16th June

8pm-11pm Famous Framus

Saturday 23rd June

8pm-11pm The Long & Short of it....provocative comedy and music...Steve Sinnicks & Pete

Pub is available for private functions every Monday. Sometimes on Tuesday depending on the size.

Tuesday & Wednesday the pub is available for any artists to display their creations...sell and commission, no charge....let's get Hamilton's artists on the map.

That is it.....there is only better weeks ahead. Slan agat.