Well December is right around the corner...and our grass has never been greener. The Rebel Burger week is fast approaching us we shall not do a stew of the week, this week. Saturdays are Magic Meatloaf Day...even with The Rebel Burger being on we shall still maintain the Magic on Saturdays.

The Guinness Braised Lamb Shanks are now available daily until Victoria Day 2017. Also, new every Saturday, during these comfort food seeking months, will be Magic Meatloaf Saturdays. We made more this past Saturday and luckily no one was denied. The Desserts available this week is Whiskey Pecan Pie.

We are playing around with the bread for the Sandwiches...please give us your feedback. I am trying 3 months of not making Potato Bread, to see if it improves my health. Sorry. We may just remove bread from the menu...over the past week, you guys are saying if it's not our famous Potato Bread...then not at all. We are still listening to your opinions. Thank you soooo much for the feedback and support. Ace Bakery is not gluten it may be a matter of Turtle Doves in Burlington...we shall see. We have been working diligently to make our menu virtually gluten free. We are almost there. The newest item to have gone gluten free.

We have been working diligently to make our menu virtually gluten free. We are almost there. The newest item to have gone gluten free...for 3 weeks now, and no one noticed "our famous Shepherds' Pie". So...the Rebel Burger has been Gluten free for a year now, the Irish Whiskey Pulled Pork has been gluten free for almost a year...even the Dublin Coddle this past week was gluten theway it is sold out J this week...Sligo Seafood Chowder...gluten free.

Mondays are reserved for private functions.... To have the pub for your private function just contact us through email, or phone 905-777-1771

$25 Gift Certificates are in for you to purchase as gifts or give aways.

We do sell all of our sauces in 500 ml jars and 250 ml. jars. For a limited time, when you order a Pint of our sauce, it shall be delivered in a Coors Banquet handled Mason Jar, that you get to keep. Just call ahead and we shall have it ready, or on the spot we shall jar it up for you. AND WE DO SELL OUR SPICE RUBS IN 4OZ containers. Price depends on the rub you want.

This week’s Spot Check: Ron Jameson won his pint of Hop House 13 Irish Lager... How do you get spot checked? First you must purchase a Rebel's Rock BreathRite Polo Shirt. Then wear it...if you are spotted by staff or Troy (off sight), you could win. We just received a new shipment of sizes M, L, and XL.

This week at the Pearl Company:Thurs./Fri. 1/2 Dec. 8pm $25 Gregory Hoskins with Tina NewLove; Sat. 3 Dec. 8pm $25...SOLD OUT Stephen Jenkinson & Gregory Hoskins "A Night of Grief & Mystery".Remember, if you have supper before the show or drinks after, you get 15% off with Proof of Pearl...please tell us as we do not know otherwise.

This week at Mississippi Queen Foods 635 King St. E. 905-526-0909: Southern Supper Series 20 seats, $45 per, 6:30-9:30pm: Tues. 29th Raoul Bhaneja & Darren Gallen; Tues. 6th Dec. The Vaudevillians. 15% off your bevy's here at the pub before or after the show with proof of the Queen.



Here At The Rock for the Next Couple of Weeks:

Every Sunday, The Rocks Kitchen Party/ Jam The Jam is 4pm to 8pm. It is Robin Lee's Jam-boree.

Tuesdays from 9pm to 1am we have an awesome Blues Jam hosted by Sean LeSage and the Deal Breakers. It is also Wing night, when you order wings you get 15% off your beverage.Down the street is a wonderful we restaurant, Mississippi Queen. Connie Ruble is the wonderful chef that puts out amazing food from the delta. On Tuesdays she has amazing blues and jazz talent, performing while you enjoy a mouth watering Mississippi Delta cuisine, $45 per person. If you come to the pub before or after, you get 15% off your drinks with proof of the Queen. For a list of the menu and the performers see here:


  • Thursday 1 Dec. 7pm Nero's Fiddle...this shall be a fundraiser in the name of CANCER. Dorothy and I shall be shaving our heads. Chris of Eclectic will be on tour with The Tartan Terrors in PA, USA, and Chris shall shave his head there. There is a "Fund me" page Dorothy has opened, where you can place donations. We shall be accepting donations at the pub in some way or fashion.

  • Saturday December 3rd - Robin Benedict - 9pm

  • Saturday the 10th Dec. is our Pub Christmas Party...The MacCleans shall be playing at 8pmish, and a complimentary Buffet shall be going out @ 7pm, so the kitchen shall be closed @ 6pm. Customer Appreciation / Christmas evening.

  • No Bands then until our New Years Eve Party...Sat. 31st December - 9pm Eclectic Revival and our Annual Mask-erade is all about the MASK...and prizes.

  • I am booking bands for the 2017 January to June period. So let us know if interested in playing. Be prompt as we fill up quickly.


More Bands



Tuesday is sort of a day off for us, we call it Tricky Tuesdays !!! It is Wing Day...finger lickin good.
Jody and Cheryl shall be taking care of you..

Kitchen Craic

The Lamb Shanks are totally back until Vicky's Day.Rebel Burger week is in 2 days...The Dessert for the next week or so shall, as Requested, Whiskey Pecan Pie.

Specials of the day

Conditions Apply: In house only

Dessert This Week: Whiskey Pecan Pie.