Slainte to everyone. Hope you had a great weekend. Despite the threat of bad weather, those that came out on Saturday night to see, hear, listen and feel the humbly brilliant Harrison Kennedy, had the best entertainment in town. Harrison, you are always a treat, thank you for being in our lives.

So very sorry to all of you for such a short Rock Report last week….I guess I did not realize how many of you actually read it. I shall try and not do it again….just had soooo much to do. We are going to take some time off ……20 – 28 February, and have some family time. Michelle, Joe, Danie, and Jody shall be taking care of you all, as is the infamous Bob Chapman, my father-in-law, Troy’s dad. The hours that week shall be a 4pm opening. For Brother Tom’s Jam, Michelle and Joe shall be open for 3pm on the Sunday.

THE MENU: We are changing things up slightly. The menu will constantly contain the core favourites. They shall be a rolling Kitchen special every few days. Last week it was the Bouillabaisse, Now it is The Magic Meatloaf. Next something else...all the ones you know and love. So The Salap may be one, regardless of the time of year. Or The Lamb Shanks may be one. Or The Irish Beef Porter Stew may be one. Or The Rebels Burger may be one. Or...and so on and so on. We shall attempt to make each special last a week so everyone has an opportunity to try it.

Mondays are reserved for private functions.... To have the pub for your private function just contact us through email, or phone 905-777-1771

$25 Gift Certificates are in for you to purchase as gifts or give aways.

We do sell all of our sauces in 500 ml jars and 250 ml. jars. For a limited time, when you order a Pint of our sauce, it shall be delivered in a Coors Banquet handled Mason Jar, that you get to keep. Just call ahead and we shall have it ready, or on the spot we shall jar it up for you. AND WE DO SELL OUR SPICE RUBS IN 4OZ containers. Price depends on the rub you want.

NEW WING SAUCE, DIPPER SAUCE ON THE is sooooooooooooooo good.

This week’s Spot Check: No one was spot checked. How do you get spot checked? First you must purchase a Rebel's Rock BreathRite Polo Shirt. Then wear it...if you are spotted by staff or Troy (off sight), you could win. We just received a new shipment of sizes M, L, and XL.

The Pearl CompanyFebruary: David McLaughlin exhibits his wood sculptures and his furniture as art, he shall be adding his works in glass this week. Thursday 16th Feb. 5-9pm David shall have all of his Works from a Life Time, come to an end for viewing./ Fri. 17 Feb. 8pm, Elizabeth Shepherd and Michael Occhpinti….artists as activists. Sat. 18th Feb. 8pm, $20. Celebrating George Harrison./ Sun. 19 Feb. 2pm $10-20 Queens of Quirk. Remember, before or after the show….get 15% off your beverages at The Rock with proof of Pearl.



Here At The Rock for the Next Couple of Weeks:

Every Sunday, The Rocks Kitchen Party / Jam The Jam is 3pm to 9pm. The Return of Brother Tom



Tuesday is sort of a day off for us, we call it Tricky Tuesdays !!! It is Wing Day...finger lickin good.

Joe shall be taking care of you on his own, until we decide what to do with Tuesdays.

Kitchen Craic

This week we shall do the Rebel Burger when the Goulash is done.

Specials of the day

Conditions Apply: In house only

Dessert This Week: Whiskey Pecan Pie.